Saturday, 4th May 2024 | 10:00am | Live & Online
Saturday, 4th May 2024 | 10:00am 
Brand New, Live Training From Assets For Life

Discover The Simple Strategy You Can Use To Craft A 7-Figure Commercial Conversion Property Portfolio

Discover The Simple Strategy You Can Use To Craft A 7-Figure Commercial Conversion Property Portfolio

Without DIY Skills, Without Experience In The Industry And Without Using A Penny Of Your Own Money!

Without DIY Skills, Without Experience In The Industry And Without Using A Penny Of Your Own Money!

 Turn Your Speakers Up, Hit Play, And Listen Carefully!

Join Us Live For The All New Commercial Conversion Conference

Saturday, 4th May 2024

10:00 AM - 5:30 PM 
UK Time


One Strategy Is Whipping Up A Storm With Property Investors Up And Down The Country

The property investment landscape is changing.

Buy To Let (BTL) had a good run, but it’s now reached the point where the drawbacks of this one-time ‘king of property strategies’ are too glaring to ignore. 
  • Tax bills are higher, which quickly eat into your profits
  • ​Stamp duty and insurance costs are through the roof
  • ​Rent defaults and interest repayments are skyrocketing
And the government isn’t done making changes yet.

It’s not surprising that investors are frantically scrambling to find a new way to grow wealth in the property industry.

And NO single property strategy is shining brighter right now…

…than commercial conversion.

Due to the General Permitted Development Order, it’s now more straightforward than ever to change the purpose of a building and make potentially huge profits.

Which is why we’ve taken immediate action to teach this particular strategy to property investors old and new - with NO barriers to entry.

Welcome to The Commercial Conversion Conference.

Tickets Are Free - But Places Are Extremely Limited!

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“Totally Worth Every Second”

“This summit has been inspirational and extremely insightful. The speakers have been so positive, and I would recommend this to anyone despite your background or previous experiences. It is totally worth every second!”


“One Of The Best!”

“I have attended training events and summits in the past, including Tony Robbins’ UPW event, and have found this to be one of the best! I'm super excited to have invested in working with Liam, Darren, and Jessen in group and one-to-one training during this summit.”


“Learnt So Much About The Property Business!”

“Done the Assets for Life day summit. I learned so much about the property business and how it works. Have a lot to think about and will certainly join in the near future. Thanks guys. Really appreciate your time and knowledge! 😀”

Samir G

“Got Me Excited About Going Into Properties”

“The free property investment summit was really good and very informative. The session motivated me and got me excited about going into properties.”

Abey A

Meet Your Hosts:

The latest addition to the Assets For Life family, Mark, and Nigel are no strangers to the world of property investing.

And when it comes to commercial conversion, they’re some of the best in the business!

Between them, they have almost 50 years of expertise in property and construction.

Both Nigel and Mark know the importance of shared and sustainable value through business and property while building a powerful legacy for future generations.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s one of the core values at Assets For Life, making them the perfect duo to teach this strategy LIVE at the Commercial Conversion Conference. 

 and Liam Ryan

Liam Ryan is the co-founder of Assets For Life, the #1 property training company in the UK. 

He’s also an Amazon best-selling author and host of the Deal Maker Podcast.

With countless years of experience as a property and business entrepreneur, Liam enjoys helping everyday people build their own profitable portfolios from scratch.

What You’ll Learn At The Commercial Conversion Conference

  • How ANYONE Can Create 5 Or 6 Figure Profits From A Single Commercial Conversion - Even If They Have Zero Previous Experience
  • Why Investors Are Turning Their Backs On Buy To Let - And Why ONE Commercial Conversion Is Potentially Worth 5 BTLs
  • The Recent Government Changes That Open The Doors To Brand New Investors In The Commercial Conversion Sector Of Property Investing
  • ​The Simple Formula To Follow To Fund, And Then Flip Or Fill Commercial Conversions Using Other People’s Money
  • ​How This Particular Strategy Presents An Exciting ‘Blank Canvas’ For Both Veteran And Beginner Investors

Reserve Your Spot At The Commercial Conversion Conference Now To Unlock An Exclusive FREE Bonus:

Your Guide To Sourcing Profitable Development Deals

Your Guide To Sourcing Profitable Development Deals

We’re Committed To Helping Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Results

Matt H.

Formerly a Mix Use Building
in Glamorgan
Converted to 9 Units
Profit £250k

Mike C.

Formerly a Commercial Retail 
Unit in Kent
Converted to 8 Units
GDV £1.6M
Profit £500k

Tatiana P.

Formerly a Hairdressing Salon
in Kingston Upon Thames
Converted to 6 Units
GDV £1.7k
Profit £500k

Matt K.

Formerly Offices In Northamptonshire
Converted To 9 Units
GDV £1.8M - Profit £350k

Charles S. & Georgina S.

Formerly Offices in
Build Cost (& Fees) £2.7M
GDV £2.5M
Profit £500k

Liam, Jay, Mark & Nigel

Formerly Offices
in Essex
Converted to 16 Units
GDV £2.7M
Profit £500k

Tickets Are Free - But Places Are Extremely Limited!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Where And When Is This Taking Place?

This live event is being streamed straight to you by the power of the internet! We'll be kicking things off at 10:00am on Saturday, 4th May 2024. You'll receive a unique Zoom registration link upon reserving your spot.

 Do I Need To Bring Anything With Me?

While nothing is officially required, this is a jam-packed event filled with actionable content - so we highly recommend bringing a notepad and pen to write everything down!

 Why Is This Event Free?

Yes, we love what we do. Yes, we want to share this strategy with as many people as possible. But it goes a little deeper than that.
Before AFL founder, Liam Ryan, became the property expert he is today, there was a time when he was struggling to make ends meet.
He needed help and reached out to somebody who gave him the guidance and mentorship he needed. Since then, it’s been the mission of AFL to be that source of guidance for others. 
This free training is our way of helping ambitious investors exceed their goals.

 Is This Event Right For Me?

This training is for anyone interested in learning more about property investment and the strategies that generate new levels of wealth in 2024. 
It’s open to anyone new to investing - but it’s also highly recommended for experienced investors looking to gain advanced skills and expand their portfolios.
In short, EVERYONE is welcome.

 Can I Bring A Friend?

Absolutely! However, due to limited space, we recommend that you register them in advance by sharing the registration link you will find in your welcome email.
Last-minute sign-ups will be available if space permits. 

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